Why hate Taylor because of Harry?

I find it hilarious that some fans are getting so heated up just because Taylor swift is dating Harry Styles. I mean, “really”?

There are a dozen of reasons as to why I dislike Taylor Swift, for example:

1. She’s a horrid example to teenage girls. Allowing your teenage girls to learn to play the victim in every situation is not ok

2. She is just so annoying. She is talented, but the way her management team markets her out to be the next female MJ is just ridiculous

3. She acts as if her s%it don’t stink. She sl*t shames Camilla Belle but dates so many guys. I couldn’t care less who she dates or how many guys she allows in her bedroom but putting others down while you do the same or worse is hypocrisy.

4. SOME of her fans. You know, those Taylor STans who can never admit that Ms. Swift has imperfections. The same fans who slam others for having differing opinions on Taylor Swift.

5. Did I mention how much I dislike Swift for playing the whole “oh geee golly me” card all the time? Like how she would post videos or tweets “casually” asking her fans to vote for her, or how she milked the whole Kanye incident (I DO NOT LIKE KANYE, NOR DO I AGREE WITH WHAT HE DID but come on), how she blamed the break up on Joe Jonas and his 27 sec phone call when in reality SHE HUNG UP at 27 seconds? and her sad songs in which she plays the victim.

6. She is marketed to the general public non stop.

but to hate her for dating harry styles? COME ON. We all know Taylor loves dating guys of the moment (ahem.. joe jonas, Taylor Lautner), BUT her dating life should not be a reason to hate her.

Can we all just dislike Taylor Swift for legit reasons again?

I’m sorry.

1 year ago | 08:48am
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